13 new deaths recorded in Gordon County as Georgia Health department develops online Contact Tracing tool along with MTX for better efficiency

Contact Tracing

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire in the entire world. The only way to stop this is to quickly identify people showing indications of COVID-19. However, this will not be possible to do so manually. Because tasks this big require huge amounts of manpower. Gordon County in the United States adds 13 new people to the list of Coronavirus fatalities. But things are about to change for good very soon. The Georgia Department of Health is recruiting 1000 staff members to expand contact tracing.

But this will not be a simple manual task. The members will operate a newly developed online tool to help the effort. This means that 1000 members can test an exponentially high number of cases.

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Online Contact Tracing for COVID-19

The online contact tracing tool is a product of Google/MTX which allows Georgian residents affected with COVID-19 to identify anyone they’ve been in close contact with. They will also have the ability to inform such people of potential exposure. According to the CDC, contact tracing is an essential part that helps stop the spread of Coronavirus. The disease has killed around 1,500 people in Georgia itself.

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The state advises anyone who has tested positive with Coronavirus to log themselves in Healthy Georgia Collaborative. This will help DPH staff to contact all such patients individually. Following this, the infected patients need to follow strict social distancing measures for 14 days at least. The DPH says it currently has about 250 contact tracers throughout the state that have contacted more than 3,800 individuals testing positive for COVID-19 and identified nearly 13,000 contacts. The agency plans to get in 1000 more by the end of the week.

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