2 billion users receive a security warning while using Google Chrome, Google fixes a security bug in its new update patch!

Google Chrome

Currently, the world internet usage has spiked and this led to all sorts of problems for Google Chrome. Because almost 2 billion global users got a ‘critical warning‘ raising questions on Google’s security policies. The company is making multiple changes for patching its web browser for the moment. But for the improvements to take place the users need to provide all feedback to the company’s official twitter page.

This security flaw is affecting users based out of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (Ubuntu). The security warning is a result of maybe one maybe more malfunctioning scripts and bug. The bug is a secret for the company, according to Principal Research Scientist, Paul Ducklin. Google does not want people to reproduce the bug and create loopholes for Google Chrome users again. So, the documentation of the malfunctioning will remain confidential.

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Update Patch for Google Chrome!

The current stable version for Google Chrome is 81.0.4044.113 for all users using Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (Ubuntu). This new update is being slowly rolled out to all users. Over the next few days or weeks, everyone will use the latest version globally. In order to get help in downloading the update, see the guide published by Google.

The new update comes with the security fix that caused the problem in the previous version. The malicious bug responsible was critical enough to be exploited. But Google always puts the need of the customer first. Because of this Google has made a list of all necessary patches included in the update and has asked for general feedback to improve further.

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Restrictions are in place even for 3rd party applications that have the same bug. However once the update rolls out for everyone, the bug details may be released upon consideration.

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