2020 is the year for China! After the Coronavirus pandemic, China plans to land its first rover lander ‘Tianwen’ on Mars this July

China is ready to compete with the USA as they launch their new Mars Rover, Taiwan this July

China is currently planning for a July launch of its new Mars mission. The Chinese government is ready to land a remote control robot on the surface of Mars. The Chinese mission, Tianwen is ready to land a probe in the orbit of Mars and a rover to explore the red planet. The ambitious mission is part of the country’s new Space Race target. Beijing is investing billions of dollars in order to compete with the USA and affirm its place in the world for space domination.

The new Mars mission is a part of a list of new space projects in China. However, the country is also planning a manned mission to land Chinese astronauts on the moon by 2022. Beijing was planning the Mars mission for a long time now, but the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) has confirmed that it will take place this July.

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China Mission Mars: Landing Tianwen on the Red Planet

Tianwen is the new Chinese Mars mission that will launch a probe in the orbit of Mars, and land the robotic rover to analyze and explore the terrains of the Red Planet. However, it takes a considerable amount of time to cover the distance of 55 million kilometers between Mars and Earth. But the Chinese space administration completed a similar feat in 2019 when they successfully landed a rover in the dark side of the moon. China is the first nation in history to complete such a feat.

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Getting ready to launch a similar rover by 2021 on Mars. The USA has already sent 4 exploratory vehicles to the surface of Mars. This led China to overwork in terms of space exploration even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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