45000 people receive the wrong vaccine, Essentia health held responsible for improper storage!


Essentia Health Home Care hospital is currently notifying almost 45,000 patients that they might have received tampered vaccines. Because the vaccine they received were stored at the wrong temperature. But the hospital is not the only authority at fault. This mishap also includes the wholesale drug distributor.

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Almost half of the people received an influenza vaccine. But Essentia has informed the patients that the medications they have received might have been in improper storage. The health facility is not making any person available for an interview.

Also, they are not divulging any specific details to identify a list of tampered products. Essentia is currently offering to revaccinate people at no extra cost. This comes from a letter sent by Essentia to the patients.

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How are the medications and vaccine affected?

Health officials in around North Dakota are currently investigating the case. They are opening an investigation and talking to the authorities held responsibly. Mark Hardy is the board executive of the pharmacy board. He says, ” It is important to look out for patient care“. In this case, it involves providing free and proper vaccine again.

Decisions involving the revaccination of patients will be made by the patients themselves. All of the patients may have an issue here. So Essentia is contacting as many as possible to do the right thing. But this is to ensure people receive their full health benefits. It is still too early to decide what penalties will be in order.

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The distribution drug warehouse is located in Fargo, says Essentia. Based on the information the medicines got affected around September 2017. Essentia will not say whether it is due to improper storage exactly. It may also be due to simple human error. All medicines dispatched hereafter is ineffective. The temperature of certain vaccines needs to be around 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit. Essentia did not pay attention to that.

We are happy that steps are in process. The health institute is going in the right direction. Mistakes can happen, but repairing them is the best we can do.

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