Planet and moon

5 Planet and moon will appear at once in the sky this Sunday! Here How to watch this Mind-Blowing event?

Planet and moon
See Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Crescent moon this Sunday, says NASA

Five other planets along with a Crescent moon will visible on July 19, 2020, all at once. Mars will be visible as a long curved line going through the planets like Jupiter and Saturn. However, Venus will be very easy to spot in the sky as it will be super-bright in the night sky.

In one of the rare occurrences that will take place on July 19, people will be able to see five planets in the sky that will appear simultaneously before the sunrise and will be visible along with a crescent moon. This space event is a big deal after watching the lunar eclipse of 2020 and the annular solar eclipse earlier this month.

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5 Planets and Moon to be visible this Sunday

5 heavenly bodies namely, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will be seen in the night sky for almost two hours before the sunrise. All the planets will be visible to the naked eye, however, to see Mercury, telescope or binoculars will likely be needed. Jupiter and Saturn will be the first planets that people will be able to spot in the southwestern sky. Jupiter will appear as a sinking bright start and the ringed planet just above it in the right corner.

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According to reports, Mercury will be visible 45 minutes before the sunrise in the northeast. Although there is no need for telescope or binoculars to watch Jupiter, we will be able to see one or two of its four largest moons if we use one.

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