5G BioShield USB Key claims to provide protection for your home and family, city police department tries to stop the selling of the USB

5G Bio Shield USB stick is probably a scam, don’t fall for the expensive hoax product

The United Kingdom is currently burning with the latest news about 5G technology. Current research is showing no health effects of the new 5G technology but many people are saying it is a scam. Currently, a new company is out making a USB Stick that claims to remove all the side effects of the new signal spectrum. However, the Glastonbury Town Council along with the London Trading Standards is trying to stop its sale. The council has called for a UK government inquiry about the health effects of the new technology bandwidth.

Security experts helped in taking apart the USB stick which claims to save lives. But, the Somerset council says that the USB stick is a normal device for data transfer. There is nothing special about it. The council does not support any device which proves to be an anti-5G device offering protection against harmful effects.

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5G BioShield USB: Probably a fake!

Many companies including Trading Standards call this a scam. They refuse to sell the product for a price of $400. The product looks authentic from outside, but its claims are way over the line. Also, the product is too expensive to buy and test its theories. The inventor claims that it is equipped with quantum oscillation technology which helps re-harmonize our bodies. One must also note about the proclaimed holographic nano-layer catalyzer that will help keep you healthy.

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Currently, you can buy the product on the official website if you want and test it out for yourself. But, I think it is better to utilize your hard-earned money on something else. This is not the first time that UK citizens took the 5G technology with bad sight. A month back the country was facing anarchy as phone towers were burnt down due to the installation of 5G lines.

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