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About sciencenews18

Sciencenews18 is the best & finest resource of Science News on the web. We provide a platform where you can get up-to-date content on science-related stuff. Sciencenews18 is a popular website which gives you updated content related to recent developments in the Science and technology field. We keep you up to date on various topics that come under the Science filed.


Meet The Man Behind Us!

Ayush Singh- CEO/Founder

Sciencenews18 was Planned overnight by Ayush Kumar Singh. This One Man Army was all alone when it came to Plant and water the roots of this Fruitful Tree. December 2018 was the day when the name Sciencenews18 was firstly used on Social Media by Ayush Singh. He has empowered himself and made himself capable to grow many blogs and companies up-to a Great Height as a Backbone Support.He is a very talented and experienced guy at this very small age. He has all the possibilities in his hand and always dedicated to his goal. He is a great future entrepreneur, digital marketer, and researcher.

Meet Our Team

Fani Bushan- Managing Director

Astute managing director, with over 18 years of experience on the managing and producer of agriculture department. Exemplary knowledge of international markets and cross border joint venture negotiations bringing much needed foreign investment into the organization resulting in a triple-A credit rating within 12 months. Holds an Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Palak Arora- Author

She is currently appointed as Chairperson of Student Section, Indian National Bar Association and she worked as a Researcher, Chair of Social Media Committee & Executive Member in Students Section, INBA prior to this position. Ms Palak has the goal of influencing and changing the world into a better place. Writing is one of her arenas and her passion for writing is not restricted to the law but to every field. She believes that Science and Tech is one field that should be explored by every literate and law and public policy is totally connected to evolving science.

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