After the ISS next stop for SpaceX is Mars! Elon Musk prepares for human landing by 2025 in red planet

SpaceX prepares for Mars colonization as Elon Musk plans for human landing by 2025

SpaceX recently became the world’s first private space organization to land humans in space. In the history of the space race, this is one of the most important events. However, the upcoming tasks are even bigger for Elon Musk. After the success of the historic “Launch America” event, SpaceX is planning for stepping into the unknowns of the Red Planet out there.

Elon Musk is currently focussing on its upcoming Mars mission of 2025. SpaceX is planning to colonize the red planet soon, but before that, they need to set up human landing. Musk is currently working on a new version of the Starship rocket. The new Starship will be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed, with a capacity of carrying more than 100 metric tonnes to Earth orbit.

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SpaceX human landing on Mars by 2025

As per an internal email sent by Elon Musk to staff, the SpaceX CEO mentioned the development of Starship to be the primary focus for the company, post the successful human launch for ISS. Alongside this, SpaceX will work on the safe return of the Crew Dragon from the International Space Station.

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Once ready, Starship will practically propel SpaceX to the next era of the global space race. This is because the reusable launch vehicle will also carry enough power to aim for Mars. This is in addition to bringing down the launch costs drastically. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! Also do not forget to follow us on our Telegram Channel for daily updates.

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