After TikTok and Mitron, Google takes strong action against racist app as Google Play Store deleted remove china app!

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Racist App! Google Play Store takes down Indian App that helped uninstall many Chinese applications

Google is currently taking a strong stand against many applications in the Play Store. TikTok recently saw many guideline changes due to official notification from Google. The company also shut down the popular Pakistani TikTok ripoff, Mitron from the Google Playstore. But the most important work was the company’s stand against a racist app. Remove China Apps was an Indian mobile application developed by OneTouch AppLabs. 

The application helped the users uninstall any and all apps that were from China. This was an extremely racist application that dedicated targetted a specific race in order to promote racial hatred. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has led to many people passing racial slurs against the Chinese. This action is strictly unethical. Google Play Store took appropriate actions on the same grounds.

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Google Play Store removed the racial app

A Himalayan border dispute going on in between China and India may be the root cause behind this. The app is probably a product of someone under the support of the ruling Government. The anti-Chinese sentiment continues to grow strong in the country as celebrities influence people to uninstall Chinese apps like TikTok. However, the latest step from Google Play might help put things back on track.

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Before the removal of the app, “Remove China Apps” crossed 5 million downloads by the end of May. This was one of the few applications which crossed 1 million downloads mark within 10 days of launch. The app’s removal was on behalf of disciplinary grounds from the Google Play Store.

The developer of Remove Chinese Apps, OneTouch AppLabs, confirmed the removal on its website, but claimed that the app is meant only for educational purposes, and does not “promote or force people to uninstall any of the applications.”

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