After Zoom, Facebook launches videotelephony for WhatsApp Web users! You can now connect with everyone on Messenger rooms


Facebook recently came into the limelight while launching its new application, Messenger Rooms. The new videotelephony application has laid a competition with Zoom, the popular video conferencing app. Zoom gained millions of users during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. But many authorities including governments are currently advising against using the application. This is mainly because of security reasons and a few cases of data theft. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is currently launching a new set of videoconferencing technology called Messenger Rooms.

The official report from Facebook doesn’t include any versions particularly, but it talks about the new feature. According to a few reports WhatsApp Web version 2.2019.6 enables users to connect with their families and friends by using the “Messenger Rooms” from their desktops or laptops.

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WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

The WhatsApp Messenger room shortcut will appear right below the ‘attach‘ button. However, the new feature has not rolled out globally to all users yet. The developers are currently working on a few updates and will roll out the dev on WhatsApp Web and Desktop by the end of the month.

The new feature will be more of an update installation for all users. Facebook launched Messenger Rooms for its own app last month, which currently allows nearly 50 people to connect with no time limit. Messenger Room creation is simple. You just click on it and start. The people who want to join the conversation can simply do so with a press of a single button.

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The WhatsApp Messenger rooms have been confirmed only for the WhatsApp Web and Desktop version for now. However, there is a possibility that a similar application will be available. Let us know what you think about this innovation from Facebook in the comments section below!

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