Aliens have been to Earth in 2020! New images of Starlink terminals looks like a UFO on a stick says Elon Musk

Researchers solve the mystery behind satellite terminals as Elon Musk points to it being a UFO

SpaceX is currently working on its Starlink constellation for providing high-speed internet to everyone all around the world. The company is building satellite outposts in order to grab strong signal connections and deploy service. However, the images of these Starlinks terminals look like nothing from our planet.

All of these images give rise to the question that maybe aliens have been to our planet. Because that is what can explain the construction of these bizarre designs. A credit user has got this picture to raise suspicion on the company. However, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk is neither confirming it nor denying anything. The prototype of these terminals does not look man-made at all.

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Starlink Satellites are made by aliens

The Redditor by the username of darkpenguin22 released these images in the group called r/SpaceXLounge. The photographs were taken from the SpaceX site near Merrillan, Wisconsin. All of these photos show the prototype satellite terminal close-ups. This particular Reddit group allows for relaxed and chilled out space discussions about SpaceX.

The scarcity of ground antennas for satellite communication is a reality in the space industry. Therefore the only guideline about these satellite terminals came from Musk himself. He himself describes these terminals as “thin, flat, round UFO stuck to a stick”. SpaceX administration has till now no confirmed anything about the allegations. The company is definitely not going to make it official if any help was needed to build this.

However, one can only wonder what led to such a design-build for satellite terminals. Either way, aliens are definitely here, and whatever is going on in Area 51 is definitely not general research work. But the fact that they can help humanity is definitely a new concept.

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