Are you ready for future? Amazon completely redesigns Alexa with more advanced UI

Amazon completely redesigns Alexa application for a more advanced UI for users

Amazon is currently redesigning its Alexa App which is completely going to focus on user satisfaction and enhance the focus on things that people actually use. The leak has been reported by Tech Crunch which says that the app will be available on iOS, Android, and Fire OS and has been redesigned to focus on the core functionality rather than its third-party “skills” or weather forecasts.

The redesigned Home screen in the Alexa app now features a more prominent Alexa button at the top. Users can tap this button or simply say “Alexa” to activate the voice assistant. Below this is a variety of suggested actions personalized to each user, such as setting alarms, controlling music playback, and more.

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Amazon launches new Alexa app for all users

The new design comes after Amazon recently announced a couple of new interesting features for Alexa on mobile. Earlier this month it announced that you’ll be able to summon its voice assistant using just your voice, without pressing the blue button so long as you have the Alexa app open, and last week it launched a preview of a new feature that lets Alexa launch iOS and Android apps. Amazon clearly wants Alexa to become a platform-agnostic alternative to Google Assistant and Siri, and its mobile app is a key part of making that happen.

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The new Alexa app is going to abide by the new slogan of “Black lives matter”. Amazon says the new app is rolling out gradually over the coming month and should be available for all iOS, Android, and Fire OS users by the end of August.

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