Amazon promises performance with its new series of gadgets! Launches Amazon Fire HD tablets today


The E-commerce giant, Amazon, introduced the world to its new collection of powerful devices. The latest Fire HD tablets are about $10 more than the previous editions. But it is still much cheaper and affordable as compared to an iPad. The new offerings from the company include “all-new” Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, and the brand-new Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. All of these devices will be available for sale from June 3, 2020.

The company is also offering a new Game Mode which lets you focus on your game, without any interference. The mode offers intelligent blocking of all notifications and calls. The new devices are also sleeker than before with improvements in battery life and a much faster processor than the previous 2018 models.

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Amazon: Fire HD Tablets

The new Fire HD Tablets promise performance with a storage capacity of 32GB. Moreover, the Fire HD 8 Plus includes internal wireless charging. However, the latest kids version comes with a child-friendly case along with an all-new adjustable stand.

Fire HD 8 comes with the same 8-inch HD screen like that of its predecessor, but the tablet packs up with, almost a 35% increase in performance. The tablet includes 2GB of RAM along with 12 hours of battery backup. The new Fire HD 8 costs almost $89.99 which is much affordable than the $399 iPad from Apple.

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The Fire HD 8 Plus is more of an improved and premium version of Fire HD 8. Along with a 3GB RAM and wireless charging capability, the latest offering from Amazon provides a 9W USB-C charger for fast charging. The product comes with a free offering of Kindle for 6 months.

The Fire HD 8 kids edition is more of a kid-friendly version of Fire HD 8. The price is, however, a bit more considering the added advantage of the child-proof casing and adjustable view stand. The device is sturdy with respect to its external casing. All of Amazon’s devices come with an advantage of 2 years of free warranty.

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