Americans suffer heartbreak as weather conditions delay the historic “Launch America” event! NASA and SpaceX prepares next launch window on Saturday, keeps Sunday as backup

Bad weather conditions add to the delay of the “Launch America” event yesterday.

Unfortunately, the bad weather conditions made NASA delay their flight schedule yesterday. The Crew Dragon Capsule hatch closed yesterday when two astronauts got ready to launch for the most historic event. SpaceX is done with all pre-flight checkouts where every result came back as positive. Astronauts Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley get ready to launch from Kennedy Space Center 39A for the world’s first US hosted crew mission on Saturday. NASA is targeting liftoff at around 3:22 P.M. EDT.

NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, says “It is very disappointing that we could not go for the launch today”. This was a very important moment for the United States because the whole world is looking forward to seeing something stunning again. The “Launch America” event gives off vibes similar to that of the Apollo mission. President Donald Trump was present at the Kennedy Space Center along with Vice President Pence and many other dignitaries. But no other visitors were present there in order to maintain strict social distancing policies.

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SpaceX Weather Report for Launch America

The Space Force weather reports showed a green signal for yesterday’s launch when it showed a 50% chance of favorable conditions for liftoff. Nature plays a cruel game every time a space mission is about to succeed. But NASA and SpaceX are again planning for liftoff this Saturday which will take place at 3:22 P.M. EDT if everything goes fine. However in case of any mechanical difficulties, problems at the ISS, or weather issues, the launch will not happen again.

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But there is no need to worry as the launch already has another backup date. In such a case the Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission will take place on Sunday at 3 P.M. EDT. When all goes well, the two astronauts will be on their journey for the 19-hour trek to the ISS and attempt a docking. The astronauts will spend 4 months in the space station before their re-entry mission to earth while splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean

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