An Indian school girl has developed virus-killing mask for COVID-19, will it really help to destroy the Coronavirus?


A schoolgirl from India might just help us win the battle against Coronavirus. Digantika Bose, a resident of Burdwan, West Bengal, India has successfully invented a mask to help kill COVID-19. However, this is not an ideal cloth mask. Bose started her work in this field since the day her school closed. She is competing in the Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3). This competition is held under the supervision of the National Innovation Foundation (NIF).

Digantika referred to a few scientific articles to help in her research. One such article reports the uselessness of wearing a conventional type of mask. But it also provides enough information to help her create a cheap alternative. Digantika Bose gained recognition from the Ministry of Science & Technology for developing a clean air providing and virus destruction mask.

Making the new mask was not too difficult for her. But, it took her only 7 days to develop the final design of the mask. Her innovation required to pass through a series of tests. The Ministry of Science & Technology also praised her efforts and said how it will help India fight Coronavirus.

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How does the mask work?

Bose has built a mask that consists of 2 one-way valves and filters fit inside the valves in alternate directions. These valves go into two separate chambers. One of these chambers get activated during inhalation and allows filtered clean air to go inside your lungs. The filter prevents all kinds of viruses to get inside.

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Normal masks also have this capability. But the problem arises when an infected patient exhales. Normal exhalation leads to spreading virus particles in the air around the user. This mask has a filter to pass the exhaled air separately through a chamber that contains lipid-protein cover. This chamber helps kill the virus and only clean air remains which comes out as exhaled air.

The innovation will definitely help us win the battle against Coronavirus. Let us know your opinion in the comment box below!

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