Apple WWDC 2020: Apple cancels deals with Intel and confirms their own laptop chips

Apple finally launches its own silicon-based CPU architecture in order to fight Intel’s market of dominance

Apple is finally out to conquer both hardware as well as software. To date, most of the devices offered by the company used processors outsourced from Intel. But, the tide is about to change now. This is because the tech giant is to their own silicon-based chip for the upcoming hardware products. The company is going to launch its first ARM-based Mac which will be available by the end of the year.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook talked about all their plans to transition into PowerPC, Mac OS X, and much more in the live event of WWDC 2020. In the future, the macOS will support both, macOS apps as well as native iOS apps. The company is going to release its first ARM-based product by the end of the year. The entire plan is actually to finally be able to control the entire system architecture. This includes both the hardware and the software. The upcoming iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will include their own silicon chip.

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Apple plans to launch its own hardware-based CPUs

The worldwide developer’s conference of 2020 was a big surprise for all the developers out there. This is because the company released information about a very important topic. The debate about the support of native apps in the Apple environment is a topic for a long time. However, the upcoming ARM-based CPU is going to run native iOS apps along with macOS apps simultaneously.

Apple is promising new levels of performance and far less power consumption with its move to in-house processors. They are designing their own range of SoC for Macs, with features unique to Mac. The common ARM-based architecture across Apple’s products should now make it easier for developers to write and optimize apps across every major Apple device. The company is also releasing a new feature of Carkey along with its new iOS 14 launch.

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Apple’s own pro apps will be updated to support the company’s new silicon in macOS Big Sur, and the company is hoping developers will update their apps. The company is launching a new “quick start” program for developers with documentation and sample code and offering access to labs around the world to help transition existing apps to Apple’s own silicon. Developers will also be able to get access to a Developer Transition Kit in the form of a Mac mini enclosure with Apple’s A12Z chip, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

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