Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has finally come up with the new Magic Keyboard, launches it with the new range of Apple MacBook Pro!

Apple MacBook Pro

Well in advance, Apple has just announced two range of brand new Apple MacBook Pro. The 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros come with the new Magic Keyboard. The laptops feature the latest 10th Generation Intel Processors. The price range starts at $1,299. These laptops are a current specifications update on the existing 13-inch MacBook Pros. But it also starts a new generation of error-free seamless keyboard handling. It marks the end of the much controversial butterfly keyboard mechanism on the previous models.

After the tense concerns over the mechanism of previous keyboards, Apple decided to move the same with a new technology very fast. Previously the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro was going to release by November 2019, but some problems related to keyboard mechanisms made them postpone it.

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Now it is launching 2 brand new MacBooks with new technology. Apple is still trusting with the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connectors, along with a headphone jack. The touch bar remains the same except for the separate Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The keyboard has a separate Escape (Esc) key after a long time. The Apple MacBook Pro gives you the freedom to upgrade your RAM till 32GB along with your storage space which can go to 4TB. The new Intel Iris display supports Pro Display XDR along with 6K resolution.

Apple MacBook Pro: Magic Keyboard

The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro now features the new Magic Keyboard, first introduced on the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and added to MacBook Air in March.

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Magic Keyboard features a redesigned scissor mechanism with 1mm of key travel for a comfortable and stable key feel, while the new inverted-“T” arrangement for the arrow keys. It makes them easier to find, whether users are navigating through spreadsheets or playing games. Magic Keyboard also features a physical Escape key, along with Touch Bar and Touch ID, for a keyboard that delivers the best typing experience ever on a Mac notebook.

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