Apple new iPhone with iOS 14 will allow you to use your phone as like car key

iOS 14
Finally, some good news for everyone out there as Apple introduced iOS 14 and Carkey in the WWDC 2020 event!

Apple wants to replace your car keys with the new feature available in the upcoming iPhones. The WWDC 2020 event that took place yesterday has a lot of surprises for all of you. The event confirmed the release of the new iOS 14 along with a Carkey feature. On top of this, there is also numerous upgrade under the hood of the Macbook.

All of the updates are a part of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. These highlights include the latest feature about their new announcement of the Carkey feature. However, the company is also trying to address the issue of app fatigue and fix the App store after a decade of its launch.

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020: iOS 14

The most interesting feature that the company is coming up with is the update of its operating system. Apple is soon going to launch iOS 14 with its upcoming iPhone 12. After successfully turning your phone into a digital credit card, Apple now has plans for a digital car key. Their upcoming feature, called Carkey will launch initially with the 2021 BMW 5 series.

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The new digital feature will be available for Apple’s current iOS 13 phones as well as the iOS 14 system. Carkey uses near-field communication and it will help drivers unlock their car doors just by tapping their phone to the car handle. A similar patent like this was documented by Apple in the google scholars domain. Volvo also offers a similar feature for its cars.

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