Apple plans to introduce Machine Learning for its voice assistant Siri, acquires an AI startup named Inductiv!

Apple buys 2020 ML and AI startup Inductiv to improve the voice assistant Siri

Apple is stepping up its game on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Recently the company acquired NextVR, an artificially enhanced video streaming platform for $100 million. And within months of this transaction, Apple buys another AI company, Inductiv. The company has been doing fascinating work by analyzing and correcting multiple data values in many datasets.

Inductiv is an AI company that has its roots in Stanford University, University of Waterloo, and the University of Wisconsin. But importantly these are not the only companies Apple bought to improve its user experience. Lattice Data is another AI startup that came into the clutches of the company. Apparently the company is trying to improve its voice assistant, Siri. That is the reason why they are using multiple Machine learning engines.

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Apple Voice Assistant: Siri

The team from Inductiv has already started working on projects including Machine Learning, data science, and Siri. The most important part of machine learning is the availability of accurate and clean data. Data is available in abundance all around the internet world. But what is most important is its structured form.

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Unstructured data is not that useful for applying ML algorithms. Also, AI uses structured data in a more effective way. As always, Apple did not disclose any specific details for buying Inductiv. Apparently, the company buys many small organizations from time to time without going into too many details about their plan of action.

Inductiv, as an individual company, may not have a significant impact on the corporation. But all of the companies will help improve Apple as a whole. We might see a large improvement in the upcoming Apple products and voice assistant update.

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