Apple sticks with its production amid Coronavirus lockdown, provides details on iPhone 9 SE and iPhone 12 Pro!


Apple seems to be releasing the same design with a few performance changes for a while now. It’s been a long time since the major redesigning of the iPhone models. All iPhones after the launch of the Apple iPhone X sports the more or less the same design. They consist of the same notch, round chassis, and a curvy edge. But, the only new thing was a camera bump on the back of the new iPhones.

Yes, the coronavirus lockdown is still going on, but as far as smartphones are concerned the wait is worth it. The new report shows new design strategies for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Because they are going to be inspired by the successful iPad Pro.

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What’s new with Apple iPhones?

A Bloomberg report suggests Apple might be preparing an important redesign for its flagship phone market. These new phones including the iPhone 9 SE will have 5G connectivity. There is also a rumor about the addition of 2 brand new Apple accessories with these smartphones.

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The new assembly of iPhones will surely sport a much better and smaller notch than all its predecessors. But the biggest surprise is with the tri-camera setup at the back. Apple sports a 3D LIDAR scanner along with the 3 cameras at the back. The LIDAR sensor is used to enhance AR applications in real-time. The display will sport the same OLED screens.

Apple is also considering releasing speakers at a cheap rate to compete with the market set by Amazon and Google. iPhone 12, 12 PRO, and 9 SE will be launching within the 1st week of May.

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