April 2020 is filled with cosmic beauty: Find out when you can see Pink Super moon and other galactic events!

Pink Super moon

With the Coronavirus on loose, people are staying at home. But you don’t need to worry anymore. Bring out your stargazing telescopes at your terrace. Because April 2020 is filled with awesome celestial events, which include seeing a comet at the end of the month and a pink super moon.

Celestial events are always interesting to watch. The general public watches it for its beauty, while researchers study the energy spike of the events. Given below is a list of galactic events occurring this month. Mark these dates on your calendar.

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Pink Super moon

In the first week of April, you will be able to see this month’s full moon. Between the nights of 7th and 8th April 2020, the biggest and brightest full moon of the year will be seen. The Pink Super-moon is bright enough to cast giant shadows.

Do not however assume, that you can see the big difference in its size and brightness with your naked eye. You will still need a moderately high powered telescope.

The moon is not exactly going to be pink in color. The April moon was only named as such in reference to a perennial pink plant called ‘phlox‘ that blooms this month.

Meteor Shower

April 22 is Earth Day celebration. This year it coincides with a celestial light show. Earth is going to witness a Lyrid meteor shower on the day. It is the first major meteor shower since the first month of the year. It will bring up to 20 shooting stars per hour starting from the night of April 21. The night is moonless. But this also means darker skies. It is a treat for stargazers. They will see the beauty in a clear sky.

Comet ‘ATLAS

The Comet ATLAS or the Comet C/2019 Y4 is a galactic object. It was discovered in December last year. It can potentially become bright enough for your naked eye to see in the latter days of April.

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You cannot see the comet now. Because it is not so bright right now. But, it will be in much brighter conditions by the month-end.

Till then, stay inside your homes. Stop the coronavirus from spreading. Enjoy the celestial events.

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