Are Really Cadbury Chocolates Contaminated With HIV?

Cadbury Chocolates contaminated With HIV infected blood?: We tell you why It’s Fake

HIV contaminated blood in the Cadbury products
HIV contaminated blood in the Cadbury products

An online post shared on social media warns users not to eat Cadbury products for the next few weeks, due to the presence of a man’s HIV contaminated blood in the Dairy milk chocolate.

The message, which is accompanied by a picture of a man being taken into custody by Interpol police but some rumors are stating that “This guy who added his infected blood Cadbury products. For the next few weeks do not eat any products from Cadbury, as a worker from the company has added his blood contaminated with HIV/AIDS. It was shown yesterday on BBC News. Please forward this message to people who you care.”

By the information said on message, “It was shown yesterday on BBC News” However when we search on their BBC News websites found no stories involving Pepsi or Cadbury with HIV infected blood.

BBC News websites found no stories

It is actually a reworked hoax, This claim relating to confectionery company, Cadbury, started appearing in 2018. , with Pepsi cold drinks being targeted previously.

Tracing On Google

A Google search for ‘infected blood in Cadbury chocolate’ shows that the message has already been debunked by various sites such as:

infected blood in Cadbury chocolate

We have searched the entire post image than we did not get any useful result. However, when we cropped the photo and search on google we had found that the same photo has been used in a hoax involving Pepsi. You can read the fact check on Pepsi hoax.

guy who added-his infected blood Cadbury products

By a lot of research, we have found that the photo used to illustrate the post is real, the man escorted by two Interpol officers but it was not arrested for contaminating with HIV infected blood on Pepsi or Cadbury product. His name is Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, one of the alleged masterminds behind the deadly April 14, 2014 bombing of a bus station in the Abuja suburb of Nyanya, in Nigeria. He is pictured upon his arrival in Nigeria following his extradition from Sudan. The picture was released to media, on July 15, 2014, from the Nigerian National Information Center.

Nigerian Armed Forces were also said on Twitter on July 15, 2014  tweet.

Ogwuche, the Nyanya Bombing Mastermind was received at the Abuja Airport 3:150PM today, Now in Nigerian Security Custody #CounterInsurgency

— DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA (@DefenceInfoNG) July 15, 2014

You can see the entire scene of his arrival on the video below.

Cadbury was also said on Twitter in March 2018 to caution its clients about the false information being spread about its products being contaminated with the HIV virus.

Hey there. The hoax circulating about a Cadbury employee contaminating chocolate with HIV infected blood is exactly that – a false hoax. Please do not spread the hoax by sharing it further.

— Cadbury Dairy Milk (@Cadbury_SA) March 8, 2018

HIV+Worms = Nonsense Hoax

A variation of the message in India includes photos of a Cadbury Dairy Milk with worms. Though we can’t understand how anyone could have drawn a link between HIV and worms.  Below is the message that Sciencenews18 received from a person on WhatsApp today.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with worms

HIV can only be transmitted through an exchange of body fluids from infected individuals. According to the World Health Organisation, “HIV can be transmitted via the exchange of a variety of body fluids from infected individuals, such as blood, breast milk, semen, and vaginal secretions. Individuals cannot become infected through ordinary day-to-day contacts such as kissing, hugging, shaking hands, or sharing personal objects, food or water.”

“The WhatsApp in question clubs together several unrelated photographs available on the internet leading the viewer to believe that our product is unsafe. This is a hoax and there is no truth in it making the post fake and baseless. In fact, the product pack in question doesn’t even relate to the Indian market,” Mondelez’s India spokesperson said.

Actually, In October 2013, Cadbury was fire fighting a full-blown PR crisis over reports of worm infestations in its flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk brand in some shops in Maharashtra and Kerala. The company launched ‘Project Vishwas’ a multi-pronged strategy that included educating retailers on how to store Cadbury’s products. Cadbury announces strategy for ensuring quality – Story published on The Hindu 

One thing we want to tell you please don’t forward any message without any proof on any social media network. If you want to confirm any message that confuses you then please join our WhatsApp Group and send a message for confirmation… is that true or not? And if you have any question about it…you can share your question in our comment box below.

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