Are we headed for another epidemic after the Coronavirus? Congo reports first case of Ebola Virus!


The world is already fighting a deadly pandemic in the likes of Coronavirus. But, it seems like an old enemy just did not have enough of us the last time. Yes, the deadly Ebola virus is back on turf, only to send WHO in a complete panic mode. Because the Ebola virus has haunted Africa for years now since 2014.

The deadly virus has no cure till now because of its RNA pattern. In its own terms, Ebola is more deadly than the ongoing Coronavirus. The city of Beni in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa reported its first case today. It is not a piece of very optimal news for WHO.

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But, they expected the worst for a long time now. The Ebola virus never completely went away. It comes and goes whenever it suits. Scientists feel like the mutation has a mind of its own.

What does WHO have to say about the Ebola virus?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General says an active Ebola surveillance is in place to be the first responder for these cases. There are about a 1000 Ebola alerts pouring in for a few days.

These alerts are of people showing symptoms of the deadly virus. But these also come from deaths in areas of high risk. For all the confirmed cases, health officials are in full force to find everyone they came into contact with.

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WHO plans to continue this effort until the outbreak ends forever. As of today, there are 3456 infected cases along with 2278 deaths caused due to the Ebola virus. Humanity is facing a hard time now with two of the most dangerous viruses out on loose. Scientists are still fighting to cure both.

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