Are you a Cancer patient or health worker? NCCN says not to worry, advices how to remain healthy during COVID-19!


A group of researchers recently published a new study in the journal, JNCCNJournal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The study provides wise advice on how to keep the oncology department of hospitals safe. Basically it tells how to keep the Cancer patients and their caretakers as safe as possible. During the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

Robert W. Carlson, MD is the CEO of NCCN. The unforgiving challenges everyone is facing from the pandemic heightens our commitment to sharing consensus and leading medical experts rapidly. But it will be free of charge and for everyone in the world. They are sharing reliable medical information to help keep oncology patients and staff under minimal risk due to COVID-19.

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Advice to keep Cancer patients, and staff healthy

Pelin Cinar, MS, UCSF is the lead author in the research study. He says ” but it is possible to provide good care to the patients with the right amount of available data and knowledge.”

People suffering from cancer have to already go through a lot of trouble. It is NCCN’s duty to provide them with a bit of relief. But on sharing this advice they want to assure oncology communities across the world that NCCN is there no matter what.

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The department recommends screening and prescreening tests simultaneously. The following factors come under the prescreening test:

  1. Sudden muscle spasms
  2. Worsening cough in a time period of 14 days.
  3. Asthma-like symptoms, i.e. shortness of breath.
  4. High fever
  5. Any exposure to COVID-19 positive individual.

Under report of any concerning symptoms, patients need to be tested for COVID-19 infections if any. But the best way is to refer to the emergency department.

In the end, all of the patients and health workers need to stay calm and stay safe.

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