Are you a ‘Hidden Carrier’ of Coronavirus? Let’s find out


Sudden loss of smell is a sign that one is a “Hidden Carrier” of Coronavirus, even if they don’t show other symptoms. Leading rhinologists have reported anosmia or loss of olfactory senses to be directly linked with the disease. It is these Hidden Carrier or Silent Carriers who remain undetected in the screening procedures.

In Italy, China, and Korea, a majority of the patients suffering from COVID-19 have reported a loss of smell. Many Coronavirus patients around the world have shown the loss of smell with no other symptom. Iran and France have a large increase in cases of isolated anosmia. NBA star Rudy Gobert-Bourgarel caught Coronavirus and experienced similar symptoms.

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Young patients are not showing many common symptoms of Coronavirus. Symptoms like cough, fever and muscle pain might be absent, but they are all reporting loss of smell. In South Korea, after widespread testing, 30% of the patients report having suffered from anosmia. ENT experts in the UK suggest that the virus might be evolving to hide from diagnosis.

Surgeons should avoid conducting sinus operations, as the virus could spread from the pituitary gland of the patient. Even though it is unclear whether anosmia alone tends towards Coronavirus, still it does give a strong hint to the spread of the virus.

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Anyone experiencing loss of smell needs to self isolate themselves for preventing the spread of the disease. Currently, the death toll due to COVID-19 stands at around 15,000 individuals. The virus has disrupted the daily livelihood of all humans across the globe.

Right now self-isolation seems to be the best strategy to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

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