Are you good at designing real life simulations? NASA will pay you $30,000 to design a payload for them!


NASA is planning a revamped visit to the Moon. The US space organization is doing so sooner than expected. Because the plan for ‘Artemis‘ will see Astronauts return to the surface of the moon around 2024. But this time NASA needs scientific gadgets which will serve the purpose but are also tiny in size.

The space agency requires design strategies and plans for “pint-sized” payloads in the rover. NASA wants miniature versions of hardware that can scout the lunar surface with ease. As the mission plan comes nearer, the space organization plans to take the help of young bright minds. NASA is asking for your help to design this new payload in return of $30,000.

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Honey, I shrunk the NASA payload!

Hiring young and talented minds is not new for space organization. If you can deliver the payload properly and the NASA administration selects your plan, you will get the opportunity to work with a few of the brightest minds in history.

NASA’s statement says, “imagine a rover the size of your Roomba, scouting the lunar surface.NASA knows everything about making payloads but needs a little bit of extra help. Because existing payloads are too big and heavy to even get inside the rover. The challenge is to make a payload that is the same size as that of a soap bar. This will help fit inside the rover perfectly.

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NASA wants you to design instruments capable of detecting carbon dioxide, water, and also minerals containing titanium, iron, and carbon. All of these payloads are there with NASA but shrinking them in design is your job.

The successful individuals will get a lot of prizes. The awards are in 2 categories — Lunar resource potential and Lunar environment tools. But both have a $30,000 cash prize.

So, will you take the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be a space scientist? Let us know in the comment section.

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