Are you having problems reading someone’s bad handwriting? Google Lens can now help you understand any writing with just a click!

Google Lens

Google has recently released software that can scan your handwriting and change it into digital text. Gone are the days when you needed to wait for someone to understand their handwriting. No matter how bad the writing is, the app can recognize everything. All you need to do is open the Google Lens app and face it in front of the handwriting. This move, however, proves to be revolutionary for many users.

The latest app from Google will make life much easier for teachers, students, managers, politicians, and many others. Finally, people can read and understand each other’s scribbles. This latest innovation has a good explanation on the official blog page of Google.

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Google Lens: How AI reads your handwriting

This app is a major help for everyone especially in times of such a pandemic. You can now get your work done while learning and studying at home. The AI-powered tool copies your handwriting from your notebook and pastes it on your laptop. The app is directly available for all Android devices, while those of you who are the owner of iOS devices, will be able to use this by accessing Google App from your Apple devices.

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Graphology, as people call it, is the method one uses to decipher various forms of handwriting. This technology uses advanced forms of Machine Learning algorithms. London hosts a program for all such researchers, in the London College of Graphology to discuss many such algorithms. Overall, the completion of the Google Lens project takes the study of Graphology to a new level.

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