Are you not able to sleep well? Consult a doctor! Study shows elderly people suffering from Insomnia are prone to depression


Sleep is one of the most important biological order of the human body. Having the right amount of sleep helps our body function properly. But it also helps repair any damage on a cellular level. All the micro-tears in your muscle fibers get repaired when you sleep. But all of this will happen if you have a healthy and proper amount of sleep every day. Insomnia is a very common problem that affects people suffering from bad mental health.

Too much stress and anxiety lead to Insomnia. In older age, people treat sleeplessness with ignorance. But this is a major cause behind depression. An insomniac has a sleeping pattern very different than normal people. This is because their brain functions the sleep cycle (apnea) differently. More about this is present in the research article available online.

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Insomnia in elderly people

The levels of insomnia differ with respect to the surroundings. It depends on several criteria like community setting, hospital setting, etc. The prevalence of insomnia in the institutional environment is the highest among all of them. The levels of insomnia in the community-environment are 16% against that of 11% in an institutional-environment. But even then the people in the latter case are not healthy. Because almost 40% of these elderly people were on hypnotics.


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This is the first part of going down into the long pit of depression. People first start using hypnotics and other sedatives to have the feel-good effect, once that goes away, people start indulging in self-harm. These people need our help to lead a healthy life in our society.

Many medical diseases can also cause insomnia. But it is never too late to seek out for medical help. It is our duty to provide them with a safe environment so that they can express their problems better.

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