Are you ready for the next generation of door locks? The New Futuristic August Smart Lock 2020 supports voice automation

Smart Lock

August, a brand well known for its premium security products is back for more. The company just launched a new device. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a voice automated AI-powered door lock that takes automation to a new level. It is the new flagship equipment on the list of August products. However, it is also a new replacement for the already available Smart Lock Pro. The new lock improves on the already good reputation heavily.

The design of the lock is of premium quality with a satin nickel finish on the exterior. The pointer of the lock is now a bit raised because it will be easier to spot the indicator. The indicate signals whether the door is open or not. The latest design change is, however, in size. It is around 45% smaller than all previous products.

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How smart is the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The most important feature is keeping the size small, even after including the Wi-Fi module. The entire point of this product is to ensure the operation of the door using a mobile device. Previous products from the company relied heavily on near-range technologies like Bluetooth. The new product does away with this old approach and allows the user to control the door from anywhere in the world.

The current app also allows you to send virtual temporary keys to your friends through email. This is a similar feature with Airbnb hosts. You can revoke permissions once you think certain people don’t need access anymore. The new improved lock also senses if the owner has come close. The lock opens the door automatically when you return home with your hands full of groceries.

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The brand new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 2020 is available for $249.99 via and Best Buy. The company will expand its availability to more retailers by the beginning of next month.

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