Are you safe due to ‘herd immunity’? Stanford study investigate its potential impact on Coronavirus!


California has a population, twice as large as New York, but have very few deaths related to Coronavirus. With half as many people New York has a death count of almost 14 times as many. All of the deaths are due to the novel Coronavirus.

Researchers at Stanford believe that herd immunity plays a big role here. It might help slow the spread of the virus in the state of California. So given here is a breakdown of the entire matter.

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What is herd immunity towards Coronavirus?

Well, let us assume that a group of people or a herd of people is immune to the so-called Coronavirus. This means all individuals in the group remain unaffected towards the virus. But this also means that person-person transmission is at a very slow rate because a large group of people is immune to it.

But speaking generally, this means that the virus is still spreading, i.e. COVID-19 is still infecting humans. But these humans are immune to the virus so it does not affect them. In the long run, the herd becomes more protected from the virus.

Now there is a particular threshold for reaching ‘herd immunity‘. But this number varies according to the viruses. Like for example, the number is as high as 90% for measles.

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Dr. Justin Lesser is an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University. According to his study, the number needs to be just around 50% to 65% for COVID-19. But on the contrary, most of the populations are not in that region.

Now there is a lot of discrepancy with data available. Because the real number of COVID-19 infection is higher than the confirmed cases. This brings down the threshold number needed to around anywhere between 1% to 5%.

Therefore in order to achieve true herd immunity everyone needs to be infected. This will be a disaster as many will die. But, California, on the other hand, might have had miracle play. Stanford research has just theorized this assumption. But it is not proven yet.

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