Are you self-isolating from Coronavirus? Vets advice to keep your cat inside!


The Coronavirus keeps spreading as we speak. Are you self-isolating during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? You need to help your pet cat do the same. Some veterinarians suggest all self-isolating individuals keep their pets, especially cats inside.

The British Veterinary Association says, ” In homes where individuals are self-isolating or where someone is infected with Coronavirus. Please keep your felines (cat) inside your house if possible. ”

No one is advising to keep al cats inside. But Daniella Dos Santos says, ” Only cats of infected households shall remain inside. ”  Cats cannot always stay inside. Because cats too have anxiety issues.

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Can a cat spread the Coronavirus?

BVA President Dos Santos says, ” In most of the animal-related COVID-19 infection cases the transmission is human to animal. ” No evidence claims to show the very fact, if animals can transmit virus to humans. Animals normally do not infect their owners. But ruling out the fact is not helpful. Animals too can act as fomites. The virus can be in their fur while touching surfaces like tables or doorknobs.

BVA president Dos Santos says “ even if dogs don’t show symptoms, almost all cat does.

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It is important for people to not panic for their pets. The remarks show a recent report of a cat in Belgium, testing positive for Coronavirus. Experts claim it to be an “isolated” case. The owner recently came back from Italy. Recently a Malaysian tiger named ‘Nadia‘ also reported having the disease. The tiger is still in recovery.

Most importantly stay healthy and save and keep your cats inside your house.

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