Google is currently helping detect Coronavirus by launching a site that can help you to find your nearest COVID-19 testing facility!


Google is trying its best to eradicate the Coronavirus for good. But eradicating a pandemic requires mass testing. Although Google has not yet come up with a plan for testing a large population, still it finds a way to help. The company has set up highlighted links throughout its home page to help users check for the COVID-19 testing facility near them.

On 17 April 2020 Google launched the official site to help people be aware of the Coronavirus. The browsing search engine is now able to display around 2,100 testing sites throughout 43 states in the United States of America.

But the site will not show all of the testing zones near you. Because some of them are volunteering testing camps and do not have rights of the health authority. So in states like Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Maine, you will not find any testing sites. This new update is part of a major change in the company’s searching algorithm.

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How will you find these Coronavirus testing sites?

Search for COVID-19 or Coronavirus in the search bar. On the left-hand side of your browser, you will see a red SOS bar. There you will find various options like symptoms, treatment, statistics, news, and Coronavirus testing facilities.

Click on the “testing” tab to see the information about the testing sites near you.

Google SOS bar showing testing sites near you!

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After you visit this page, click on it. You will see a map open up in front of you showing all information about the testing sites along with the procedures. Because Google wants to put ease of service as a first-hand gesture.


According to reports, Apple is also displaying COVID-19 stats and testing centers in its Apple Maps. Let us know what do you think of this technical innovation in the comments below.

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