Are you testing yourself for Coronavirus? Health Care Clinics in Seattle are providing free antibody tests to promote mass testing

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The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire. But the only way to stop it is to promote antibody tests widely. Coronavirus tests are currently being provided worldwide by government bodies and other research groups. But mass testing is not possible due to the shortage of testing kits. However, many areas in Seattle are testing a large number of people for free. This is possible now, thanks to the increase in the supply of testing kits by health care clinics.

Previously people in Seattle were not tested unless they show severe symptoms of Coronavirus. This is potentially bad for everyone because asymptomatic Coronavirus spreads faster. Once they remain undetected, it becomes easier to spread. Previously clinics asked people to stay at home if someone’s not seriously ill. Dr. Meena Mital, chief medical officer, Neighbor Health Care, says previous notice shall no longer keep ill people away from testing.

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Health Care Clinics help in mass testing

Health care clinics are currently using a much larger list of symptoms for concluding Coronavirus. These symptoms include the newly listed loss of smell and taste. The priority of receiving tests still goes to people with high-risk status. But this does not mean that lower-risk individuals are left aside. In thNewse current terms of mass testing, lower-risk people are also tested if they show signs of Coronavirus infection. UW Medicine is taking the testing kits to the home of any ill person in order to increase the rate of testing fast.

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At first, the Health Care centers did not have ample supplies, so only a few people received the test. But now they can test more widely due to the abundance of testing kits. Mass testing is necessary in order to identify and self-quarantine each affected individual. This will help stop the spread of Coronavirus for good.

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