Are you unable to unlock your phone? Apple helps unlock phones using Face ID while wearing mask!

Face ID

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing daily problems in general livelihood as usual. But this pandemic seems to be affecting the technical gadgets around us. As you may know, governments around the world are advising people to wear masks as long as the lockdown is not lifted. This is a piece of very simple advice to follow, except that it’s not. For regular smartphone users wearing masks is causing all sorts of problems, especially in the security part of Face ID.

Wearing a face mask has a lot of health benefits in general. Because it really keeps you away from all sorts of communicable diseases. But all of this comes at a cost. People are unable to unlock their phones. Basically, the people who have their smartphone’s unlock feature set to face-unlock are facing such problems.

The facial recognition system has a set of algorithms with which it identifies someone. Basically the depth features according to pixel variations are recorded in a database. When trying to unlock using a face, the same information matches in real-time. Now some phones use a bipedal matching, i.e. the distance between all feature extraction points of your eyes. This is the reason why people wearing masks can still open Samsung phones using Face ID. Apple has a much complex algorithm which includes feature points of the entire face.

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How to unlock your phone using Face ID?

Apple has partnered with Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab and says that currently, a new update is present which allows you to train your face while wearing the mask. This will register the new Face ID on an iPhone. Upon completing this process, you can unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask.

Face ID
Set up your new face by clicking on this option!

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Follow the given instructions below to set this:

Note: Your face should already be recorded as a Face ID without a mask before following this procedure.

  1.  Please go to Settings>Face ID
  2.  Now click on Set Up Alternate Appearance.
  3. Fold a mask in half and hold it in front of your face by assuming your nose as the center.
  4. Now start a normal register of your face by rotating your face slowly. But you’ll see a moment when iPhone prompts “Face obstruction detected“. Now slowly, very slowly, remove your mask and move your head until it says complete.
  5. If all steps are done properly, you will receive a pop-up saying ” Face ID is now set!

Go ahead, give it a try and let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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