Are you waiting for the Coronavirus vaccine? Research shows it may not arrive by 2020


Scientists all around the world are racing against each other to create a sustainable vaccine for Coronavirus. Almost 90 vaccines are currently underway in several stages of development. Various global research teams are working together to create the first vaccine for Coronavirus 2, which causes COVID-19. The majority of people want to receive vaccination as fast as this year. But that may not happen. This may not happen for many reasons.

You will not hear politicians say these statements, but we need to keep our hopes as low as possible. A new report published by David Nabarro, explains how we may never get a Coronavirus vaccine. Doctors cannot just assume that a vaccine will appear eventually, or even if it does, the amount of accuracy tests required is too high.

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Reasons why the Coronavirus vaccine will not come in 2020

Dr. David Nabarro is skeptical of receiving any update on a coronavirus vaccine this year. The main reasons are drawn from a case of analogy. This is because many such diseases have been on this planet for a long time without any cure. HIV is now as old was 40 years. However, even after so much research, scientists still don’t have any cure for AIDS. That is 4 decades gone without a vaccine. This is the main reason why we need to cautious about assuming that there will be a vaccine.

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Maybe, a vaccine can still happen. Many trial vaccination cases have been giving positive results for now. But even if it does happen it won’t be as quick as 2020 or 2021 even. Some vaccines, like that against Measles, and Ebola took around 7 years to make. While many other cures have been in process for almost 40-50 years.

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It is 17 years now since the first cases of SARS and MERS were reported, and we still do not have a vaccine yet. Politicians speak positively about human vaccination trials because they want to avoid large scale panic. But the reality is different altogether.

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