Are you waiting to buy an affordable iPhone? TSMC constructs a brand new Semiconductor plant worth $12 bn in USA, Apple phones will be cheaper


The Semiconductor giant from Taiwan, TSMC will receive financial support from the US Government. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) aids in the manufacturing and production of powerful microprocessors for top brands like Apple, AMD, and others. However, due to import costs, many of these companies provide devices for a much heftier price band. But now things will probably change for most of it. This is mainly because, the firm stated to build a $12 billion production plant in Arizona, USA.

The company is planning to use its signature 5-nm manufacturing technology. TSMC has the capability to produce almost 20,000 Silicon wafers in a month. The construction of the plant will be under the guidance of the US government, the plant will create employment opportunities for thousands.

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TSMC: Affordable services for all Americans

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing giant is a massive product contractor behind products of numerous brands. The company is responsible for building CPU architecture for AMD, Qualcomm processors used in Android, and also chips for NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. But it doesn’t stop there. One of their latest products is inside the latest models from Apple. The brand new iPhone 9 SE, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 8 have chipsets made by TSMC.

The company is ahead of famous chip manufacturers, Intel, in many ways. The company is already underway to commence the risk production of 5-nm manufacturing technology. All these innovations taking place in home soil will prove useful for the USA. In terms of its effect, many latest phones will be available for a more affordable price in the USA.

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The shift of TSMC to the land of tech giants cuts the overhead cost of import taxes for all companies. This means you’ll get the same advanced technology for a more affordable price. However, a lot depends on further advances with the plant.

Hopefully, everything will go well. But do let us know what you have to say about this development in the comments section below!

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