Are you worried about data security while using Zoom? Facebook launches new Messenger Rooms for secure conference!

Facebook is one of the few companies which stands by its policies since day 1. The very fundamental idea behind building this application was to ‘connect people‘. Well, in this pandemic stricken world of Coronavirus we need it more than ever.

Connecting to people was easy but carrying out daily official work was getting tedious. Zoom is a videotelephony company that became popular overnight due to its ease of use and access to live video conferences. But as of late, the company is facing multiple federal charges with respect to maintaining secure data flow.

According to statistics, there is an inflow of about 700 million calls every day through Messenger and WhatsApp. But there need to be more features to make a real-time video feel like a live conference. Working with each other should feel normal, not exaggerating.

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What does Facebook provide with Messenger Rooms?

The new product from Facebook makes it easier to spend a nice evening with your friends, to work with your colleagues, and to even give official presentations while sitting at home. It is very simple to use. In fact, it is just a button away. Click on a button from Messenger and create a room. You can help anyone join your room. Rooms right now have the ability to create space for 50 individuals. But soon it will become over a few hundred.

You can hang out with your friends while chilling out on your couch. You do not need to check your calendar to see if people are free. Just create a room and go on with your business. Whoever’s free and willing can join no questions asked. Rooms can be shared using Facebook News Feed, and chats on Messenger.

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According to the reports, Facebook is planning to extend the same facility to WhatsApp, Instagram, as well as Portal. This is very good news for all tech-savvy people out there who were insecure about using Zoom.

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