Artificial Intelligence beats communication barrier, ‘smart communication’ helps out in the Coronavirus pandemic!

Artificial Intelligence

The Coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing a daily norm. People are looking for new ways to connect with friends, family, and co-workers remotely. But this is not possible without the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-based smart systems play an important role in keeping daily conversations on track.

Because according to researchers, humans having difficulty in conversations, trust their Artificial Intelligence induced smart-reply suggestions. The study is present in the journal, Computers in Human Behaviour.

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The researchers see that when things go wrong, people take responsibility. But this job more often than not belongs to the Artificial Intelligence involved.

How does Artificial Intelligence work in ‘smart communication’?

Jess Hohenstein, a researcher from Cornell University, US, says ” This introduces the potential to take AI and use it as a mediator in daily conversations. The algorithm can notice things going downhill by the tone of the message”. But it also provides conflict-resolution strategies. The study is an attempt to see how AI smart reply is altering human interaction.

Communication is fundamental to how humans perceive each other. Because it also shows how humans form and maintain relationships. Also how we are able to accomplish all things by working together.

The researchers say they sought to explore whether AI can function as a “moral crumple zone“. It is the technical equivalent of a car’s crumple zone designed to absorb impact.

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We often think about how the design of AI systems affect interaction. But very few studies focus on how Artificial Intelligence helps people interact with each other. This technology is helping a lot these days with the COVID-19 pandemic on the loose. People are still inside their homes and are having an uninterrupted conversation with their loved ones using such AI tech.

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