Artificial Intelligence Fails In High School Math Test!

Google’s Best Artificial Intelligence Robot Fails In 10th Math Test, Only Got 14 marks Out Of 40.

Artificial Intelligence Fails In High School Math Test
Google Deepmind

According to reports and experts opinions coming from a few years, in the future, humans’ job will be eaten by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots will work at the place of humans, but it seems that instead of humans, the robot It will take a lot of time to pick up. This is what we are saying because Google has created an artificial intelligence based robot that has failed in the general test of high school maths. In this test, Robot has only got only 14 out of 40 points.

Before his test team was given Algebra, calculus, probability training but still robot has failed in the test.

The research team of Deepmind has said in its report that Google’s Ai system was well trained about many topics of Maths like Algebra, Calculus, Probability, but despite that – it has failed in the test, while during the test, Google best Deepmind robot had a lot of trouble on understanding the questions. Apart from this, Roboto had also to struggle hard to solve the math question. The mathematical signs were used in these questions, which AI Robot had a lot of trouble in understanding.

In 2014, Google purchased Deepmind

AlphaGo wins the challenge
AlphaGo wins the challenge
Let you know that, Google purchased Deepmind in the year 2014. Deepmind is a UK company that works on AI robots and the company has so far created many robots. The program created by the company AlphaGo was quite popular. At the same time, AlphaZero, a program created by the company, defeated the chess engine Stockfish (Stockfish is a free and open-source UCI chess engine, available for various desktop and mobile platforms). According to the report, AlphaZero can teach chess game to anyone in just 4 hours. Amazing Right? Will you shock by this article? Share your
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