Asteroid attack led to Ice Age on Earth and killed dinosaurs 720 million years ago

Bennu coming towards Earth soon! toms of Asteroid pushed Earth into an ice age

Our planet Earth is constantly facing the asteroid threats from all over the universe however, none of these are as big as the bombardment that took place almost 720 million years ago. The surface of our planet was bombarded by tonnes of asteroids which resulted in a massive temperature drop all over the world. So long ago the universe was not the way they are today, as scientists state that the Earth entered into its deepest ice age back then. During this period the entire world was covered in ice and the planet entered the Cryogenian period almost 720 million years ago.

The Asteroid Bennu which is going to come towards Earth in the year 2182, is a part of the same Eulalia family which led to Earth’s ice age and caused the extinction of Dinosaurs. NASA’s probe named OSIRIS-REx is presently busy to keep an eye on this asteroid and when it may suddenly change its course.

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Asteroid attack which killed dinosaurs on Earth

The research study was undertaken by astrophysicist Kentaro Terada from Osaka University, Japan. Scientists studied 59 lunar craters from the instruments present in the Japanese lunar orbiter named Kaguya and did radioisotope dating in order to find the possible age of the major asteroid impact on Earth.

Terada currently studies the samples of Bennu and other nearby space rocks like Ryugu, which holds the key answer to the history of the asteroid impact. Although, the natural geological activity is believed to have erased any evidence of such activities. Dinosaurs used to roam freely on this planet before the devastating effect of the asteroid turned the surface into an ice maze.

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