Asteroids are coming to destroy us! No need to panic, coronavirus pandemic can help learn how to stay prepared

Coronavirus pandemic
The Coronavirus pandemic will help us prepare for the worst of the asteroid collisions

The emergency protocols which are currently underway to deal with the coronavirus pandemic are very knowledgable. The entire lockdown system is teaching how the entire world can stay safe during a calamity. It does not matter if a new pandemic or some other calamity is waiting for us in the future. All of these policies will be very effective in dealing with asteroids and other calamities in the near future. Recently our planet has been facing a lot of near orbital asteroids which is a sign of risk for us.

NASA has a dedicated Asteroid observatory setup that works 24/7 in order to keep us updated about any upcoming dangers. The Solar System Explorations observatory helps keep a close eye on the space rocks around us and notify us in case of any danger.

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Coronavirus pandemic helps control calamity damage

The novel coronavirus pandemic is a good case study of mistakes to avoid when planning to prevent an asteroid impact, says Thomas Jones, a scientist, author, and retired NASA astronaut who flew on four space missions to Earth orbit. He chairs the Association of Space Explorers’ Near Earth Objects Committee.

The global response to the virus has illustrated some cooperation through the World Health Organization, Jones said, but as some of the data given to the WHO has been spurious, false, or incorrect, that organization’s response was stymied and delayed somewhat.

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Linda Billings, a consultant to NASA’s Astrobiology Program and the PDCO, also points to technological preparedness. Particularly the need for a space-based near-Earth object survey telescope. “The small-bodies community has been saying this for years,” she said.

All of these are pretty much similar to the steps people took in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Even though we may no reach a successful end result, it is worth a try. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! Also, do not forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for instant updates of the science and tech world.

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