Astronaut Urine Can be Used to Build Moon Bases! it is amazing but How is it Possible?

Astronaut Urine Can be Used to Build Moon Bases

NASA, the European Space Agency and China plan to build moon bases in the coming decades with the help of astronaut urine. This will be helpful for broad space exploration that will take humans to more distant destinations, such as Mars.

The colonization of the Moon poses problems such as high levels of radiation, extreme temperatures, and meteorite bombardments.

The European researchers find Astronaut urine can use as a high plasticizer for determining the structures to build on the Moon. They find it can use as a plasticizer in the concrete of the structures.

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Building Moon Bases with the Help of an Astronaut Urine

The researchers are planning to construct the bases with raw material available on that planet and from the astronauts, especially their urine. Because transporting about 0.45 kg from the Earth to space costs about $10,000. This means that building things in space would be very expensive.

According to the research conduct by scientists from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Norway, along with European Space Agency, the urea present in the urine can use as a great plasticizer.

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They developed a series of experiments to see if urea can soften the surface of materials used in the process. The main reason for choosing astronaut urine is due to the presence of urea. Because urea is capable of breaking the hydrogen bonds in the material and makes it more flexible.
But the research is still going on to separate urea from the urine. They are also studying the sources and materials available on the Moon, which can be used for the bases.

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