Astronauts complete Demo 2 dress rehearsal today! Here are some cool pics. As NASA and SpaceX launch their 1st Crew Dragon capsule this Wednesday, watch live!

Astronauts get ready for the main launch even after successfully completing the Demo-2 mission.

The Coronavirus pandemic is going to stop visitors from gathering near Cape Canaveral in Florida during the historic launch. However, NASA along with SpaceX has a plan that lets everyone enjoy the historic occasion virtually this Wednesday. The pandemic cannot keep the people from watching the historic feat after 10 years. NASA has come up with an online immersive visual experience so that you can witness everything live from May 27.

Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken successfully completed the Demo 2 mission rehearsal today. This takes humanity closer to the actual event. However, it also strengthens the fact, that very little can go wrong in this mission. So now, hurry up and set up your own watch party as NASA and SpaceX invites you to be their “Guest”. Previously NASA requested all its visitors to maintain social distancing if they were to visit.

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NASA and SpaceX: Crew Dragon Capsule Launch 2020

This is about to become the first human mission to space from US soil, since the Space Shuttle period of 2011. After 2011, NASA always relied on the Rusian space programs to complete its missions for the ISS. But recent advancements in private space agency, SpaceX changed the game again. NASA will utilize the Falcon9 rocket from the private agency to launch the astronauts to space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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On reaching space, the astronauts have a plan to spend almost 4 months before coming back to earth. This launch mission is part of the historic Demo 2 mission. The liftoff for the mission is scheduled at around 4:33 P.M. EDT (1:33 A.M. IST) if the weather remains clear. The current weather conditions are 40% in favor of launch with the possibility of low showers. You can watch the launch live on our Webcast page or on the home page at the launch time. So, please join our telegram channel to stay updated about the launch and other latest news.

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