Avoid eating acidic foods in the lockdown, researcher say flatulence may causes Coronavirus


The Coronavirus is currently destroying the whole world. The global death rate stands at 1.7 lakh humans with over 40,000 dead in the United States. New research shows a new carrier of Coronavirus in our society. But it is not a usual cause of a novel coronavirus carrier. A recent study shows the presence of Coronavirus in almost 50% of stools of humans who tested positive with COVID-19.

This research does take into account the numerous particles which release while farting. When suffering through flatulence, your fart has the ability to spread pathogenic bacteria. But it is not yet stated with solid evidence. Further research may show the extent of such infectious spread.

Dr. Andy Tagg is an Australian medical specialist who started this research. He carried out medical tests to identify all COVID-19 patients. Out of their stool examination, he concludes that almost 50% of the infected individuals have SARS-CoV-2 virus in their stool.

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This led to a unanimous discovery. A study shows, human farts have the ability to send talc long ways. The Talcum powder, however, is 5 times as big as a 5-μ droplet of aerosolized particles. So flatulence has the ability to spread bacterial gas clouds to far distances. In terms of Coronavirus, this new discovery is dangerous.

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Wear Pants to avoid Coronavirus!

But people do not need to worry. Because wearing thick cotton pants will help save humans. The research about farts spreading bacteria growth goes back to 2001. 2 Australian scientists tried proving that pants worked as a filter and prevent bacterial overspread. In their study, it shows 2 sets of control experiments. A person wearing thick pants farted on a petri dish, and a person wearing a half-pant farted on another petri dish.

In the first case, the petri dish showed no bacterial outgrowth. But, in the second dish bacterial growth was visible. This further proves that Coronavirus will not spread through farts.

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