Bats never die from Coronavirus or MERS! How is this possible?

How are bats safe from SARS related viruses like Coronavirus and MERS

New interesting research added insights into why bats are flying laboratories which can actually help people advance in the field of medical science. Scientists are currently trying to figure out a cure for the Coronavirus pandemic. These organisms are one of the primary carriers of Coronavirus and other SARS related diseases like MERS. However, none of them show any symptoms of this disease and they survive with these viruses in their system for a long time.

Bats are also one of those organisms which medical researchers study in order to figure out the curiosity of longevity. The new research study gives a new insight into the bat’s immune system and how it can actually help humans in the long run. Proper modification of our genome structure will help us stay away from many kinds of diseases and pathogens.

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High-Quality Bats and their genomes to help humans

The high-quality genome studies of these organisms even include the research from Max Planck Institute which mainly focuses on the molecular mechanisms of the bats. All of these analyses just prove that these organisms have an exceptional immune system which protects them from various viral infections.

This is the first time that researchers studied the entire gene code of the bats and published the same in a research paper. The bats have a superpower which helps them expand the effectivity of certain antiviral genes like APOBEC3 genes. This helps them prevent themselves from diseases related to SARS. So, bats remain immune to Coronavirus even though they carry it with them everywhere.

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