Belgium Reports first animal Coronavirus case: Cat tests positive for Coronavirus!

Cat tests positive for Coronavirus in Belgium

Belgian Health authorities reported a Cat having caught Coronavirus from its owner. In Belgium, this is the first animal to have caught the virus. Such cases are rare. Authorities ruled out any cross-contamination within animals and human beings. Although it is not possible. But, similar cases are reported globally.

Concerns are rising against COVID-19 target species. It was believed that Coronavirus is spreading only in humans. Now, animals are also reporting positive cases. It is an alarming situation.

Can the COVID-19 spread from animal-like cats to humans?

In Belgium, Researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine spotted the case. Researchers say COVID-19 can spread from humans to animals. But, the reverse is not plausible. Because it is not possible for animals to transmit COVID-19 to humans. This cat is in good condition now.

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This is “an isolated case” which can occur after “close contact between animals and infected humans”. The virus can be transmitted from humans to animals but “there is no reason to think that animals can be vectors of the epidemic in our society”, said Doctor Emmanuel Andre, a government agency spokesman on the pandemic.

Reports show similar wildlife cases in Hong Kong, China where two dogs have COVID-19 during a screening campaign carried out on 17 dogs and 8 cats living in contact with people carrying the virus.

It is important to quarantine yourself if you have pets. Do not touch your beloved animals if you tested positive for COVID-19.

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