Billionaires are getting richer, while Hospitals don’t even have funds to provide for PPE kit against the Coronavirus


Almost all of the hospitals in England are suffering from a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). The British Medical Association reports that many doctors do not feel safe in the working environment due to the lack of proper PPEs. Yes, the PPE supplies are increasing, but it is in no way near to the amount in need. According to the official reports available online, near about 17,000 doctors do not have protective equipment to keep them safe from Coronavirus. But that is not it, healthcare workers like pharmacists and nurses also do not have any.

However, the interesting fact is that billionaires all around the world are somehow making enough money in these distressing times. Almost 10 billionaires added a total of $51,000,000,000 to their fortunes in the last week of April. This shows the fact that how little these people contribute to society and still we praise them for it.

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PPE shortages keep doctors at high risk for Coronavirus

Almost 30% of the doctors do not want to speak about PPE related issues, staff shortages, and other such issues out of scare. They think they’ll lose the job if politics gets involved in the scenario. In terms of safety procedures at work, 65% of the doctors say they do not feel safe in a dangerous environment. Around 38% of the doctors have started suffering from stress, burnout, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues related to or made worse by work during this pandemic.

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The report shows that most of the doctors need to buy their own masks to provide for basic health safety. No NHS eye protections are available for people, and only fancy aprons are up for taking. In total it is not an overall safe environment to be working with deadly viruses like Coronavirus.

At such times we can not help but wonder about all the speeches given by the billionaires in the past. Apparently they talk great but contribute little to nothing. Let us know your opinion in our comments section below!

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