Billionaires will help fund Manhattan Project to help kill Coronavirus, President Donald Trump gives a green signal!


Many of us may not remember the last time our planet faced such dangerous circumstances as Coronavirus. For those of you who think this the first time humanity came to the brink of extinction, revise your history. The Great War followed by World War II will always remain a much worse fighting experience for our humanity. But more importantly, we must remember the mysterious group behind helping us end the war. The Manhattan Project was a secret organization of the most intelligent and brilliant scientists in the world.

The Manhattan Project included top scientists, business magnates, industry titans, and other well-qualified people from all backgrounds. The President of the United States of America was behind the entire funding process along with many other billionaires. The Manhattan Project included the bright minds of people like Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, and Richard Feynman among others.

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But obviously the group is not present anymore. This is due to the reason for the lack of continued funding and the death of all previous members. But President Trump just lit the green signal for forming a new Manhattan Project. The sole purpose of this group will be to eradicate the novel Coronavirus.

Manhattan Project and its plan to eradicate Coronavirus

The group is helmed by a former general physician, Tom Cahill, a 33-year-old venture capitalist. Tom Cahill is a humble and generous person. But he has enough influential connections to turn the government in his favor. These scientists think of this as a lockdown Manhattan Project, paying respect to the World War group which invented the atomic bomb.

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Everything remains the same except for one issue. This time around scientists needs to marshall’s brain to cure Coronavirus without thinking about funding problems. The group consists of notable people from all across the world. Nobel Prize winner Michael Roshbash says “I am the least qualified person in this room.” Everyone is fighting with their life to help eradicate COVID-19.

Currently, FAS keeps the entire study of novel Coronavirus to date. A chemist from Harvard University, Stuart Schreiber, says ” We might fail, but it will change the world if we succeed.”

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