Blood Group O is safe, while A may die! Research shows blood type will determine Coronavirus severity

Blood Type
New scientific research shows that people with blood group O are safe from the virus otherwise you are not

A recent study on the genetic analysis of COVID-19 patients revealed a lot of information.  However, the crucial point of discussion is that blood type is a major influencing factor for the deadly infection. Scientists profiled thousands of Coronavirus patients in Europe until they reached a conclusion. People with blood type A suffer from COVID-19 severely and have higher death rates. But, on the same hand, people with blood group O are on the safer or mild side of the virus.

The research present in the New England Journal of Medicine does not directly prove a blood type connection, but it does confirm a previous report from China of such a link. Dr. Parameswar Hari, a blood specialist at the Medical College of Wisconsin, says this report is very important and will help a lot in further research.

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Blood Type helps determine your risk of exposure to COVID-19

The study, involving scientists in Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and other countries, compared about 2,000 patients with severe Covid-19 to several thousand other people who were healthy or who had only mild or no symptoms. Researchers tied variations in six genes to the likelihood of severe disease, including some that could have a role in how vulnerable people are to the virus. They also tied blood groups to possible risks.

There are four main blood types named A, B, AB, and O. Proteins on the surface of your red blood cells help determine this blood type, says Dr. Mary Horowitz, scientific chief at the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research. People with blood type O are better able to recognize certain proteins as foreign. This may also extend to proteins on virus surfaces.

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