Brazil will help cure the world, Astra Zeneca trying to find Coronavirus vaccine

New Vaccine trials in Brazil give hope as Astra Zeneca try yo find a cure for Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is going on like wildfire all around the world and companies like Astra Zeneca are focussed on the trial vaccine for COVID-19. Almost 5,000 Brazilian health care workers are going to help Oxford Researchers by taking part in the Astra Zeneca drug trial which will test their trial vaccine on them. These people will be joined by volunteers from the UK and South Africa.

Phase 3 test of the vaccine’s efficacy has started as they battle the pandemic, which has infected more than 2 million Brazilians. And it isn’t just Oxford testing its vaccine in this vast human petri dish. Chinese firm Sinovac began trials last week in Sao Paulo, and US pharma giant Pfizer plans to do so soon, bringing a race among powers to prove their vaccine works first.

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Brazil to find a vaccine to cure Coronavirus

In Brazil, the virus is rampant. President Jair Bolsonaro has been dismissive of the threat, even though he contracted it himself. The country reported over 50,000 new Covid-19 cases on several days last week. Officials here have sought opportunity in the misfortune and allowed British, Chinese, and US firms to run trials in hopes that Brazil may get faster local production of the eventual cure.

The faster the population is immunized, the sooner the economy will be able to restart. Sinovac’s trial began last week with now a handful of recipients in the São Paulo healthcare system. Brazil’s acting health minister recently expressed interest in buying doses of the drug that Pfizer is also developing, although it has not yet started testing the drug in São Paulo.

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The research study currently focusses on the short term effectiveness of the virus and Moderna too plans to test their vaccine against the disease.

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